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In the early 2000s, Montreal-based Williams began his musical journey as the lead singer/guitarist of the The Others. After years of touring and recording, The Others decided to go on a hiatus. This time out of his former band allowed him to start carving his own universe around his beloved...

Sounds from the deep dark sea

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“Mario Mamede”, also known as “Mad Mario”, is a unique figure within the Brazilian alternative scene. Drummer of the post-punk bands “Gangue Morcego” and “Herzegovina”, and also an idol of an entire indie rock generation when he was part of the band “Moptop”, “Mamede” emerges from the abyssal seas and...

PULSATIONS – Post-Punk/Darkwave

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Fresh off the heels of the highly acclaimed debut release, PULSATIONS returns with the brand new single titled, “Of Vultures And Sickles”. The upcoming new single is a combination of lush & dreamy post-punk melodies, reverbed crooning vocals, captivating bass lines and intense drum machine beats that invoke names like...

Kill Shelter + Antipole “A Haunted Place”

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Post-Punk/Darkwave/Goth Rock To support the release of their new single, Kill Shelter and Antipole premiere their brand new video for “Raise the Skies” taken from their forthcoming album “A Haunted Place” on Manic Depression Records out March 26th. “Raise the Skies deals with a poignant truth about human existence. It’s...

Twin Tribes – Altars

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Post-Punk/Darkwave artists Twin Tribes tap some of the best and brightest artists with their remix album Altars. Following up on their critically acclaimed sophomore album Ceremony ,Twin Tribes announce the release of their remix album Altars. Featuring a myriad of artists spearheading the charge of the future of Post-Punk, Darkwave, and more. Altars contains remixes of songs off...

SEDLMEIR — Neue Single & Video: Die Neuen Alten — Off Label / Broken Silence

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Aus dem Protokoll eines der ersten Telefonate Sedlmeirs mit seinem neuen Label-Chef Johnny Hanke. Frage: Na, bist du auch schon 50? Antwort: Ja, gerade geworden. Schnell waren sich die Vertragspartner einig: Wir sind die neuen Alten.   Mehr Infos: http://www.offlabelrecords.de/ http://www.sedlmeir-rock.de/ https://www.facebook.com/H.Sedlmeir/ https://www.instagram.com/sedlmeir_sedlmeir/

Halleck – Bruxas!

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HallecӃ is the solo project of brazilian bass player Thiago Halleck. Famous for playing in several important underground / post-punk bands in Brazil, among them Gangue Morcego, 1983 and now in Das Projekt (classic 90s gothic band), Thiago is also known for being a talented and in demand tattoo artist....

The Foreign Resort – Ein Interview

10 Fragen / 10 Antworten Answered by Mikkel B. Jakobsen, guitarist/bassist/singer 1. When and why did you become a musician I am not sure exactly when I became a musician. There was not an actual point in time where that happened. Maybe when I was in my teens and was...

The Foreign Resort – Post Punk aus Kopenhagen – Neue Remix EP zu Outnumbered

Photo by Shawn TuckerDie aus Kopenhagen, Dänemark stammende Band verbindet die schattenhafte Mystik der Pornography-Ära von The Cure mit einer treibenden Ästhetik. Komplizierte Gitarrenlinien gleiten über den Bass und kraftvoller Drums, während der straffe und natürlichen Gesang Ihre Aufmerksamkeit erfordert.Seit 2010 spielte die Band mehr als 450 Shows in Nordamerika...