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We will pound you with the best Hardcore & Punk Music from around the world.

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Saturday 2am (CET) and Saturday 9pm (CET) Post-Punk Station 

Tuesday 7pm (CET) and Wednesday  9am (CET) Punk Station

This Week on
PostPunk Station
As always, we have brand new music from a wide variety of countries, 13 to be precise – USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Belarus, Vietnam, Columbia.

01-Den!ed – Adrenalized
02-Den!ed – Fuck the Bad Guys
03-Tidal Force – Time Machine
04-Cockroach Clan – On an Island
05-Hometown Crew – Split Second
06-Backover – Echoes Through an Empty Sky
07-St. Pineapple – I Don’t Know Who I Think I Am Anymore
08-The Black Catapult – Burning Question
09-Cut Lon – Khu Em Song
10-Knife Club – Do You Want a Knife with That Salad
11-No Matter – How Low
12-Main Line 10 – Lines in the Sand
13-Soulprison – Tombstone
14-Piece Of Mind – Swallow
15-Swift Knuckle Solution – Protest For Unrest
16-Back Breaker – Guilty
17-The Essential Letdowns – Nazi Wannabe
18-School Damage – Laundry Night In Canada
19-The Subjex – Rise
20-Ultra Razzia – En Vain
21-Dead Hero – Todo o Nada
22-Worn Thin – Code Adam
23-Streetsweeper – World Unfolds
24-Panic Problem – Time Flies
25-Lagwagon – Fan Fiction
26-Screeching Weasel – Turn It Around
27-Meddler – Universal Suffering
28-LITFO – Bullshit with a Smile
29-PMX – The Fear
30-Pain Relief – G.T.H.F.U
31-The Suicide Machines – Play Caesar

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