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NEVER + ENOUGH is a song that comes from the awful but relatable sentiment of feeling lost while
we waste our lives away chasing dreams. Many will recognize the constant battle between wanting to
hold onto the ideals that inspire and drive us, versus the fear and self-doubt that comes from believing
nothing we do will ever be good enough – that time will dry up, and we won’t have anything to show
for it. This new SØLVE release features the new song, NEVER + ENOUGH, as well as 10 amazing
remixes from artists who were all selectively curated to bring together a wide range of styles. NEVER
+ ENOUGH is a tribute to those who struggle to maintain their art and creativity against the anxieties
of making it through this uncertain life – it speaks to the negative emotions and circular fears so that we
can recognize the pull of defeat before we bury ourselves beneath our regrets.
The release features remixes from Sidewalks And Skeletons, SET, Bara Hari, SINE, Null Device,
Satanic Hispanic, Suffer Ring, Fractured Transmission, V▲LH▲LL, and FIRES.
Limited edition CD and digital available March 12th on Re:Mission Entertainment



Artist: SØLVE
Label: Re:Mission Entertainment
Catalog number: RE021
Pre-Order: https://linktr.ee/remissionentertainment
Release date: 03/12/21
Social Media: https://linktr.ee/solvevlos

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