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D a r k e s t H o r i z o n – A d N a u s e a m
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Main Information:
Band: Darkest Horizon
Single: Ad Nauseam
Releasedate: 19th of February 2021
Bandmember: Enis Lorenz (Vocals) / Daniel Baum (Guitars) / Christian Mühlbauer (Keyboards) /
Jonas Heinzel (Bass/Vocals)
Composition: Darkest Horizon
Lyrics: Darkest Horizon
Recording: Darkest Horizon
Production: Unleash the Sound Studios / Matze Schmitt
Main online presence: www.darkesthorizon.bandcamp.com
Contact: mail@darkesthorizon.com
We are Darkest Horizon, a German epic melodic death metal band. After some time of absence we
return with our new Single, a powerful mix of melodeath and orchestra for fans of metal and epic
music alike.
Lyrically inspired by the world of the “Dark Souls” games, this is a song about the struggle for hope
even in the darkest of days.

B i o g r a p h y
Darkest Horizon is a German metal band.
Since the band’s foundation in 2010, Darkest Horizon was positively received from various
magazines, webzines and radio stations with their acclaimed CDs “Shattered Skies” (2011),
“Scattered Worlds” (2013), „The Grand Continuum“ (2014) and „Aenigmata“ (2018). The band has
been voted Best Live Act multiple times by jury and fans, proving their skill at international
festivals like the Metalfest Open Airs Germany or Metaldays Open Airs Slovenia and winning
several band contests, including the Eisenwahn Festival Competition.
Darkest Horizon drew the attention of several music, merch, media and beverage sponsors
including Washburn Guitars USA (US Music Corperation), Engl Amps,, Cubeaudio (In Flames,
Guano Apes) and Absolutely Framed. Own technicians (FoH / Instrument techs / Stage setters) are
invaluable assets to the live experience.
Over the past years the band shared the stage and befriended many internationally known acts like
Wintersun, Cradle of Filth, Dark Tranquillity, Ensiferum, SepticFlesh, Alestorm, Fleshgod
Apocalypse, Debauchery and many more.
In 2016 the band released their first music video which was produced and directed by Absolutely
Framed. The productions quality and the artistic style were highly acclaimed by the online
community as well as by the press. The band also played their first gig ever outside of europe. They
headlined the Maelstrom Festival which takes place in Colombo, the capitol of Sri Lanka.
In 2017 the band won the semi-finales of the Wacken Metal Battle and performed on the Dong
Open Air 2017.
The band as well recorded their second full lenght album „Aenigmata“ which has been released in
2018. Also in 2018 Aurelius Lie left the band due to personal reasons and Enis Lorenz, and old
friend and supporter of Darkest Horizon, took over the microphone.
After a couple of festivals and shows (amongst others as support for Wintersun in Germany and
Finland as well) the band withdraw from further live engagements and focused on new recordings.
In 2020 Olli Sattler left the band due to personal reasons.
All new recordings were implemented in cooperation with Unleash The Sound Studios and are
about to be released in 2021.
Darkest Horizon are Christian Mühlbauer (Keyboards), Daniel Baum (Guitars/Vocals), Enis Lorenz
(Vocals) and Jonas Heinzel (Bass/Vocals).



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