Icicle – Restiveness Release Date: March 21, 2021

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The Trilogy Is Complete – The Latest Offering From Icicle Is Here

Restiveness follows up Provenance (2019) and Senescence (2020) to close out this musical chapter by Krassy Halatchev, the force behind the Icicle persona.

“I wanted to put out three connected records that focused on beginnings, lives lived in between, and the ends that complete our stories”, says Halatchev.

Restiveness has a classic indie rock feel but intermingled with a great variety that is emblematic of the myriad of impacts in all our lives. It is a deeply thoughtful album, both poignant and provocative, driving and driven.

It is Icicle’s 9th record, and can be seen as a collection and reinterpretation of all influences on an artist’s road to self-knowledge and musical self-expression.

This Wonderful Smack, the first single (track 10), is a hooky frantic synth and heavy guitar number – right in your face from bar one! It opens a window on drug addiction, self-destruction and disillusionment – recurrent themes on the album. The vocals are filled with tension and vulnerability.

Murder Is Murder (track 2) is a groovy, bass-driven song with a heavy guitar intro riff to remind that there will always be challenges in the search for sanity and peace of mind, so often out of our reach.

We Are Both to Blame (track 13) is a song dedicated to Halatchev’s closest childhood friend – Bobby K., who first introduced him to the bass (still Krassy’s favourite instrument). Bobby died of an overdose before he even reached 30.

“He was my Syd Barrett” – reminisces Halatchev. “I miss him to this day and hope he finally found peace or perhaps peace found him”. After all, life is an incurable disease.

The album deals with the issues we will all have to deal with eventually, but with music! The strong songwriting, heavy guitar riffs, sexy bass lines and bang-on drums on Restiveness will leave you breathless!

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