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Skinny Knowledge are a brand new, raucous 4-piece rock band from the South of England, founded in late 2019 by lead singer and guitarist, Andy L Smooth.

Following the departure and end of previous bands and endeavours, Andy wrote and recorded his first home demo in early September 2019, and has since gone on to write and record every part of the full length, 14 track, debut Skinny Knowledge LP (set for early 2021 release). Securing in the recent additions of accomplished musicians; Benjamin Parker (guitar), Fenge Davies (bass), and Mapex and Paiste artist, Charlie Kenny (drums), the full band was formed.

Working alongside renowned rock and metal producer, Lewis Johns, at The Ranch Production House, the debut album stands up fittingly alongside its major influencers. The band’s sound captures the energy of the raw and raucous, early 90’s grunge and pop-punk scenes, that has been missed in recent years, reminiscing the likes of Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana, and Sum 41. With thundering drums, roaring guitars, and powerful vocals, Skinny Knowledge are ready to scream their way to setting a new bar for rock n’ roll.

Skinny Knowledge released their debut single, ‘Imagination’, on 13th November 2020. The song was premiered on BBC Introducing Solent on 31st October. Within its first month of release, ‘Imagination’ has racked up over 35,000 streams on Spotify, as well as making it onto Discover Weekly.

The second single from Skinny Knowledge, ‘Keep Me Out Of It’, is an up-tempo, super-catchy, pop-rock anthem. Simple, but punchy. The track contains a strong, motivational lyrical theme, encouraging people to push through the cracks in the world, and not let anything (or anyone) bring you down. ‘Keep Me Out Of It’ is a proper ear-worm, you’ll be whistling this one all day.

“I co-wrote this song with an old bandmate, Chris Payn. It was weird how the universe lined this one up, actually. I was looking to write a song with a jumping tempo. I swear, the day after I had been thinking about it, Chris sent me a WhatsApp recording of a chorus he wrote, that he thought sounded right up my street. It was EXACTLY the kind of thing I was looking for. So I immediately went to my studio and wrote and recorded the whole song. It came together in about 10 minutes. Lyrically, the message is pretty simple. Don’t put up with other people’s BS! Don’t let it affect you, because life is WAY too short to be miserable. If something or someone is making your life miserable, get shot of it. Take 2020 for example we have so much more to worry about than petty, playground “he said she said” nonsense. I have a favourite quote from Ricky Gervais which resonates with me, and kind of sums up this song: “life is a lot easier to deal with if you can laugh at it.” – Andy, lead singer.


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