Interview with Zwaremachine

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Mach Fox – vocals,synth
Dbot – bass,vocals
Dein Offizier – drum,percussion

1.When and why did you become a musician ? 

Mach Fox:  I was certainly a fan of music at very early age and starting to mess around with instruments in my teens. Later when I became aware of punk and new wave music I wanted to be a part of those emotions and colors and write my own music.
Dbot:  When I was growing up, my older brother played drums and had different groups of friends come over all the time to our house to jam. When my brother went away to college, one of his friends came to load some gear he had left there, and told me he would let me keep his old bass if I helped him load out. I soon started jamming on bass with my own friends, and the cycle continued!
Dein Offizier:  Mother told me that her pregnancy was a real tough one because I was kicking in the rhytm even before birth.
Through the years I banged literally on almost everything. When Zwaremachine was confronted with videos of my other band, Volle Petaj Underground Percussion,
it was clear that I had to be the one for Zwaremachine for my hard pounding drum. 

2. What are your characteristics? What makes you special?

Mach Fox:  With Zwaremachine there is a strong passion about live performance and each one of us being ourselves on stage as well as a combined unit and force for this music. I had always wanted the live band to consist of 3 members and the current lineup has exceeded what I had in my head about the sound possibilities. Keeping an open mind about our direction as a band has been a useful characteristic.
The depth of the live instrumentation with the sequenced electronics has given us more options than when we were a purely electronic band.
Dbot:  I listen to a lot of different styles of music, and I try to bring those influences into my bass playing. Playing in Zwaremachine is a rewarding challenge, as it forces me to think differently when approaching basslines. I try to find grooves that I can hear in the songs and play off of those, and add in a dash of melody when appropriate. Other times I lock up tight with the synth bass. I think it creates a cool extra element; part human and part machine.  
Dein Offizier:  Zwaremachine exists from three strong personalities with each their own characteristics. Mach Fox, Dbot, Dein Offizier. I was recruited for playing drums/percussion as a tireless robot with that certain human factor. Always wearing my black cap gave me the name ‘Dein Offizier’.
Live on stage I’m always going for the limits and gives full energy.

3. Who and what inspired you?

Mach Fox:  I really like the raw and gritty early electronics mixed with horror and sci-fi imagery. For the band we try to bring in elements of industrial,metal,rythmn and chaos. Inspiration is all over from early synth,electronic to rock and the energy of bands like The Prodigy, Nitzer Ebb certainly influenced the current EP Ripping At The Fabric.
Dbot:  Bootsy Collins, Victor Wooten and Billy Sheehan come to mind, but there are so many monster players out there, I couldn’t name them all. In short, I am inspired by bass players who approach the instrument in a unique way.

4. How do you imagine listening to your music? Where do you like to listen?

Mach Fox: Live, Loud and in a club! This band is a vehicle to perform live music and not a recording project moved to the stage so I like to listen to the stage monitors sound which comes out different in every venue. In the process of recording I hear the music far too much and don’t often want to visit the recordings once released.
Dbot: My favorite places to listen to Zwaremachine are in my car, and onstage jamming along!
Dein Offizier: Our music is best listened to live. It’s the live performance which is the ultimate experience. I personally, like to listen to harsh EBM on headphones while downhilling on my mountainbike.

5. Who are your most important role models and why?​

Mach Fox:  I really like people who can bring something truly original with a bit of darkness to their art and sometimes with a bit of humor layered in . If they are giving their all in any type of performance I will find some value and try and apply to my own art and music.
Dein Offizier:  Music through drumming is universal all over the world from Africa to Japan to Europe. In all corners of the world there are drummers that are inspiring to me like Yamato,
The Drummers of Japan or Tambours Du Bronx from France. But trying to compete with drum machines is always a great challenge.

6. What role do social media play in your career? How important is YouTube or Instagram for you?​

Mach Fox:  I have been trying to keep up as best as possible with updates but not that interested in jumping through hoops to “grow” our channels…however those are great resources if you want to know what the band is up to.
Dein Offizier:   Social media as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube gives bands a podium to get in the spotlights.
Especially nowadays during this worldwide Covid-19 lockdown we are still around on social media presenting our new release of the 5 song EP ‘Ripping at the Fabric’ on Brutal Resonance Records May 20th,
the re-release of the album ‘Be a Light’ the 9th of June and our new videos on YouTube made by our manager Kitty Sommer aka inpoet nwc.

7. Do you actually do anything besides the music?

Mach Fox: As noted in an early band bio, I design sonic weaponry and walk through walls…however those occupations are underfunded at the moment.
So far there has been no need to make this band a full time music career. Since the band has members in the U.S. and Dein Offizier(drums/percussion) is in the Netherlands we make a commitment to do our fulltime Zwaremachine work for small periods of time based around touring and recording.
Dbot: I like to be in nature; I love gardening and birdwatching. I am also a husband, and father of 3 boys. So life is pretty busy.
Dein Offizier: Music kind of controls my whole life but unfortunately doesn’t cover all the bills. I’m a teacher at art school when i’m quiet.

8. What has been the best performance you’ve seen so far?

Mach Fox: The live concerts by Alien Sex Fiend and Butthole Surfers where great because the where so horrifically splendid! As a performer having the full Zwaremachine band lineup with Dbot and Dein Offizier perform for the first time together in Hameln Germany last year was huge reward for me. That was the kind of show I will look forward seeing in the future as soon as we can travel.
Dbot: Rammstein, Azam Ali, Nils Frahm, The Minnesota Orchestra…I have a long list!
Dein Offizier: The total solar eclipse when birds stopped singing and temperature dropped which gave me goosebumps.

9. Who should play you when your life is filmed?

Mach Fox: It would be fantatstic to have Till Lindemann from Rammstien play me since he is who I steal my stage moves from so it would be easy role for him.
D:bot: Sammo Hung!!
Dein Offizier: Let me die first and than look back on my life. It definitely must be someone who fits my cap

10. Last question: What do you want for the next 10 years, what do you need for it?

Mach Fox: I would be happy to perform live with Zwaremachine for another 10 years…so we need stages and and venues to stay open and keep supporting live music and people buying our new releases. We do have a small and loyal amount of supporters so we are lucky to have these opportunities to play live and release new music and we can offer a lot over the next ten years. join us!
Dbot: I think the same thing everybody else is wanting right now, an end to the pandemic, as well as the return of the safety and sanctity of live music performances.
Dein Offizier: For the next ten years we want our music to be heard and enjoyed at lot’s of strange places all over the world.
What we need for it? Interviews like these to promote the Zwaremachine’s Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music
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