• Mi. Okt 21st, 2020

Flatlines Radio und GothicPedia

begleitende Webside zu den Laut.FM Radio Sendern – 7 Sender! – Einfach durchklicken! Flatlines / Gothic / EBM / PostPunk / Punk / NeoFolk / Mittelalter

ZWAREMACHINE – Ripping At The Fabric NEW Album OUT NOW!


Mai 20, 2020

rict EBM basslines rip and soar through ‘Resist’ as industrial dance melodies suited for dark nights at your local club blister ‘New Design’. Further noisey rhythms permeate and puncture the title track whilst we’re swept away with morally upright beats suited for ‘International Hero’. ‘What We Are’ picks up the BPM for a final showdown that will leave an ever-lasting impression on eager rivetheads ready for some more destructible EBM and industrial tunes.

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