10 Fragen / 10 Antworten

1. When and why did you become a musician

Because music is the best way to communicate and release emotions to me. It balances all my energies, good and bad!

2. What are your characteristics? What makes you special?

I think we brought darkness, aggression and some kind of danger to the dancefloors of the underground music scene.

3. Who and what inspired you??

Musically speaking I have been influenced by bands like Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Skinny Puppy, The Klinik…

5. How do you imagine listening to your music? Where do you like to listen?

I imagine my music being listened by a future human society in a faraway exo-planet within 2000 years!

4. Who are your most important role models and why?

musically speaking I admire people like Al Jourgensen, Trent Reznor, etc… but I have never met someone who has played a role model for me.

6. What role do social media play in your career? How important is YouTube or Instagram for you?

They are very important on one side to let our fan community know what we are up to, and on the other side sharing our creations, like video clips, etc… It took us time to catch up with all this social media hype but we do it frequently now and fans appreciate it.

7. Do you actually do anything besides the music?

8. What has been the best performance you’ve seen so far?

Family life for most of the time.

Hocico @ Wave Gotik Treffen 2002.ll!

9. Who should play you when your life is filmed?

10. Last question: What do you want for the next 10 years, what do you need for it?

Gabriel Garcia Bernal would do a good job I think.

I want to keep the fire alive the following 10 years. I don’t need much for that, only the fucking energy and determination. I wish to keep making music and stay close to family and friends then.

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