Lord Sonny the Unifier – Knockout

Brooklyn Psych Rock artist Lord Sonny the Unifier releases 3rd single from upcoming ‘All New Information’ EP entitled ‘Knockout’, out Oct 20, 2020 on digital platforms. ‘Knockout’ is brought to life by an adrenaline-pumping music video directed by Amy Gordon.

Musically, this is LSTU at his most disdainful and punk-drenched, bringing his David and Goliath-inspired lyrics and uptempo electric theatrics on full display.

From the Artist:
“Knockout is a song about an all out victory and the need to prepare ourselves for battle against an opponent that is pure muscle. Like a boxer does building him or herself up on the way to the ring, we must uncover the hidden weaknesses in the opponent and hit them there, relentlessly until they fall. In this song the abusers have been identified and the masses, who can no longer contain their disdain have revolted and now the fates are sealed for these abusers. No matter what happens to us on the way we stand tall and relentlessly persevere until our last breath.  

In the video, the obvious boxing metaphor is used and Amy Gordon shows a variety of bouts to depict the cruelty, the absurdity, and the David and Goliath struggle on both sides. Juxtaposing this with street protests ties together the meaning behind the song.” 
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