Piston Damp EBM / Electro from Norway – Something in me

Piston Damp

Piston Damp is a Danish/Norwegian duo currently residing in Sarpsborg, Norway.
Jonas Groth
Singer/songwriter/producer, with more than 20 years’ experience from both stages and studios all over
the world, mostly connected to his brother, Stephan’s band, Apoptygma Berzerk. He also has
connections to various other acts like Magenta and The Anix.
Truls Sønsterud
Musical arranger/keyboardist/songwriter, connected to various bands since the late 90’s.
Their new track Something In Me was written and recorded this summer, with Stephan Groth serving as
pre-production supervisor. It is mixed by Ole-Espen Kristiansen (Elec This!) at STUDIO+/-, and mastered
by Carlos Perón (ex-YELLO), at Liquid Gold Mastering.
Something In Me also has a version called Noget I Mig with Danish lyrics, and both versions have
several remixes (‘Pegboard Nerds Remix’, ‘The Anix Remix’, ‘Technomancer Remix’, ‘Extended 12”
Remix’, and more…).

Piston Damp EBM / Electro from Norway – Something in me
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