Michael Plater: Gathering Feathers NEW ALBUM

Michael Plater is a U.K-based Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Taking in various indie, gothic folk, psych, experimental and “noir” influences, his albums “Exit Keys” (2012) and “Mythologies” (2016) have received worldwide critical acclaim. He has released music on such U.K labels as Reverb Worship, Woodford Halse, Hibernate, and Hypostatic Union.
His latest single, “Gathering Feathers,” a collaboration with U.K musicians John Hannon (Liberez) and Stafford Glover (The Doomed Bird of Providence, Enclosed & Silent Order) is out now on Hypostatic Union. It will appear on Michael’s forthcoming solo album “Ghost Music,” which will be released early next year.
Michael also plays in the gothic horror soundscape collective The Northern Lighthouse Board, the avant-folk ensemble GhostShips, the dark ambient project Ghosts of Electricity, and folkloric duo Cornish Wreckers.
“Beautiful and timeless…Music that breaks your heart,” (Peek-a-Boo Magazine, Belgium)
“One of the most absorbing and arresting players around,” (B-Side Magazine, Australia)
“Late-night indie rock ‘n’ roll, dark folk influences, woozy dreampop atmospherics, and a
generous helping of Gothic Americana,” (Bliss Aquamarine, U.K)

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